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Not all apps are the same

Over the years we have built apps using native Swift for iOS, and native Java/Kotlin for Android. But in the last the few years, the rise of cross-platform frameworks like Flutter.  Ionic, React-Native have allow us to produce mobile app from single code base.


An advanced routes management and waypoints optimisation powered by AI and cloud technologies. It uses uses state-of-the-art technology, to help delivery drivers save time and money, by organising all their destinations and give them the most efficient sequence to get to all of their destinations. The app has also a built-in text recognition service that can scan address labels instead of typing it.

RouteMate is written using Flutter and Dart language which allow the company to produce two mobile apps, Android and iOS, via a single codebase.  Given the complexity of this app, it’s amazing that no native code was written to build this mobile application. 

This app is using Firebase and Google Cloud for its backend which we designed as well.


PHNews is an advanced RSS aggregator and reader written in native Swift for iOS and Java for Android. This is app is used by thousands of people each day. 

This app uses Firebase to store its growing database of news sites and feeds which also allow us to sync the information with the device quickly.

SEQ Christmas Lights

SEQ Christmas Lights is a free-app for iOS and Android that lets you find easily the most beautiful and popular Christmas lights around South East Queensland and beyond.

You can also create a list of places that you want to visit and mark the ones that you have already seen.

We wrote this to bring Christmas cheers.

Spell The Word

A totally ad-free app made for kids, prep to year 2, to assist them in spelling the words correctly. This app allow the kids to listen to the word and spell it with an in-app keyboard.  This app does not require internet connection to work as the dictionary with all the word meanings has been embedded in the app.

This app also features a custom keyboard with voice assistants available in three different voices/accents with cute animations that kids will love.

We wrote this to support a local school here in Queensland.

"21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times a day and 49% of people open an app 11+ times a day."

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