Innovative App Development in Brisbane

Specialising in cutting-edge app development, we leverage native technologies like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android, alongside modern cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter, Ionic, and React-Native. This approach allows us to deliver high-quality, efficient mobile apps from a single code base, catering to both local businesses in Brisbane and Queensland and global clients.

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RouteMate App

RouteMate revolutionizes route management and waypoint optimisation with AI and cloud technology. Built on Flutter for seamless Android and iOS integration, this app offers advanced text recognition for quick address input, powered by Firebase and Google Cloud. Perfect for Brisbane's delivery services and beyond, RouteMate exemplifies our expertise in complex, code-efficient app development.


PHNews, our bespoke RSS aggregator and reader, showcases our skill in native app development with Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Utilized daily by thousands, it features a Firebase-backed database for rapid news updates, representing our capability in creating essential tools for Brisbane's informed citizenry and worldwide.

SEQ Christmas Lights

Bringing holiday cheer to South East Queensland, SEQ Christmas Lights is a community-centric app for locating festive displays. Developed to enrich Brisbane's Christmas experience, this free app supports local exploration and community engagement, highlighting our commitment to projects that resonate with local traditions and values.

Spell The Word

Supporting Queensland's education, Spell The Word is an ad-free, offline app designed to enhance spelling skills for early learners. With a focus on local educational needs, this app features a voice-assisted custom keyboard, demonstrating our dedication to creating meaningful, community-focused digital solutions.

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